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In the entire districts of West and East Medinipur there was not a single coaching centre which might be termed as a coaching centre of National Standard. Consequently most of students of well to do families had to rely on various Kolkata based coaching centres after skipping off their regular classes in schools incurring in an enormous fiscal expenditure where as most of the needy and meritorious students could not avail of the opportunity of coaching.Keeping in view of all these Perspectives in mind we(ME ACADEMY) stepped into the area of competitive coaching and teaching on 29th August,2014.we have not to look back after wards as we have many successful candidates in NEET and other competitive examinations.

In the 4th Semister 2018 Rit wik Kumar sahoo who stood first in our state in NEET is the illustrious product of our coaching centre. Our class room teaching is of enviable standard. We also pledge to cater more developed and advanced teaching to the NEET aspirants. We also offer impressive and mind blowing teaching and coaching to the learners. Enviable class teaching bears to testimony to our pride and success.